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A balustrade can cover up to 30% of the building facade. That’s why you need to be 100% confident in the quality of its design, construction and installation

What makes a good

A balustrade is vital to safety and mandatory for wide range of structures – and it can significantly impact the style of a building.


Yet for many in the design and construction industries this balustrade is something of an afterthought.


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We’ve got you (and your balconies) covered with these standardised options for balustrade design and placement.

We also have the know-how and can-do to design and fabricate unique, custom-made balustrades. So if you want something that goes beyond the options of this page be sure to get in touch.



Our most popular style. While minimalist in design this modern aesthetic also provides greater discretion and well-balanced support.

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Stairing in the right direction: 20 Customhouse Quay

Let’s face it – the stairway of any large commercial design is not the most exciting of spaces to design for. Yet this environment provides the perfect opportunity to extend the look and feel of a building beyond the façade and lobby and into the crucial conduits....

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