We’ve been fabricating balustrades for decades now and supply a huge range of projects throughout New Zealand. With innovation and customised fabrication we win tenders for challenging commercial projects, large-scale civil infrastructure and bespoke architectural enhancements.

Our History

Since the 1980s we’ve been looking out for our friends in high places.

The genesis of Attachē was in the mid-80s when a small Kiwi engineering business began manufacturing steel fencing and gates for swimming pools. In the 90s, recognising the considerable gains in lead times and life spans, we made the switch to aluminium and took the leap into the commercial sector.

In 2011 we opened a factory and powder-coating plant in Levin and extended our team of designers and project managers to work alongside our engineering and construction teams. Since then we’ve progressively grown, expanding our expertise, our capability and our product range.

In 2020, recognising the value specialist thinking and quality fabrication brings to the balustrade and stair screen, we created the Attachē brand.

A creative approach at project inception can dramatically affect the result… getting involved early can save significant costs in the long run.

As one of the few aluminium balustrade companies in New Zealand we offer a concept-to-completion service. That’s why we’re always ready to discuss concepts with architects, developers and construction companies. A creative approach at project inception can dramatically affect the result, particularly for balustrade specification and installation. Getting involved early can save significant costs in the long run.

The family-owned business is now in its third generation and, as everything has changed, so too has balustrade design. New Zealand’s industry landscape may have grown and adapted but our ethos remains the same. We take pride in the strength and style of our work – and do everything we can to ensure our clients feel this pride too.

Our Approach

Helping high, wide and handsome stay simple, safe and stylish.

We take a forward-thinking approach to our work around, through and above New Zealand’s built environment.

Think outside the box when thinking around the balcony.

While there are many standardised options so too do custom-built balustrades often save time and money (while providing the perfectly designed final result). That’s how balustrade and stair screen design can improve up-high functionality and your bottom line.

The best place to start is at the beginning.

Being able to specify the correct balustrade from the start of the project is of huge value to both architect and project manager. It means everything can be undertaken with speed and efficiency – and there are no banana skins at installation.

Big picture thinking is helpful for the smaller details.

As a balustrade takes up so much of the building face we carefully consider the rest of the aesthetic before making any recommendation. It may be that architectural design can be adapted or evolved by bringing both balustrade and stair screen design into the wider look.

It must be safe as houses (and hotels, apartments, offices…)

Planned, built and tested here, our balustrades provide connection and protection that is always materially strong and up to standard. We know our reputation building balustrades in New Zealand is always upheld by the last project we’ve done. So nothing is left to chance.

You need a little flash and a lot of function.

Some things are just common sense – safety shouldn’t diminish style, style shouldn’t jeopardise functionality and functionality shouldn’t be endangered by cost. This no-compromises approach is only possible with inclusive design and unerring construction.