Making the math work

Bernoulli Gardens

Daniel Bernoulli was a famous Swiss mathematician responsible for pioneering work in fluid mechanics, probability and statistics, and the inspiration for a new addition of apartment living at Hobsonville Point.

Group Effort

Arlington Apartments

The power of community can be exceptional when focused on a mutual goal. With an ECI process in place we worked with Novak Middleton Architects and Hawkins Construction ona major upgrade to the Wellington City Council’s Arlington 2 social housing site.

The Perfect Frame

Frame Apartments

When respected development company Vicinity provided the chance to supply balustrade and façade construction for a unique new project there was one thing we knew for sure: we wanted to be in the frame.

Remote Control

111 DXN

Having previously completed other Vicinity developments with Archaus Architecture and Arrow International we were glad to be included once more at 111 Dixon Street in Wellington, ensuring off-site fabrication took on-site installation above and beyond. 



After successful Ockham projects at Bernoulli Gardens and SET Apartments we were happy to work with the forward-thinking developer at their recent complex in Mount Albert.