Case Study

Frame Apartments:

Aiming high with our work on an 18 level apartment building



18 Floors, 54 apartments

Vicinity, Arrow International

111 Molesworth Street Wellington, New Zealand

Project Info

Vicinity has become renowned for the style and innovation of their apartment projects in the capital city. After the eye-catching Tattoo complex and the artistic Canvas apartments their new Frame Apartments grows their reputation further still. 


Client: Vicinity

Completion: April 2018

Project Type: Apartment Building

Architects: Archaus Architects

Exterior Design

At 18 floors high, with 54 apartments, the project required a high level of experience and capability in construction. Arrow International arrived on the scene as part of an ECI process in mid-2015 with a design-build contract. Working closely with Archaus Architects they put into place every process needed to deliver the Frame work.


Our Commitment

Supplying aluminium balustrades, perforated sheet screens, window louvers and wind louver fins, we needed to ensure every millimetre of design fit safely and surely. Custom design and engineering was essential to ensure all construction could take the extreme wind pressure 18 floors up. 



Everything also needed to be packed up and sent off to arrive on site with perfect coordination.

Thanks to Archaus and Arrow International inclusion of Urban Group at an early stage we got everything in place to meet the time… frame.



Project Statistics

It’s one of the tallest apartment complexes in Wellington and, thanks in no small part to our balustrade and façade work, arguably its most attention grabbing and colourful.