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30 Madden

Minimalist design – The Finer Details 



Wynyard Quarter

Auckland, New Zealand

30 Madden balustrades
30 Madden balustrades
30 Madden wynyard quarter
30 Madden metal balustrades
alliance balustrades 30 madden
30 Madden balustrades

Project Info

Minimalist design – The Finer Details 

Today’s emphasis on minimalist design has resulted in an increased demand for commercial balustrades. Many designers and architects are trying to figure out how to remove any extra features from their designs to achieve the minimalistic look they desire. The one caveat? You must take care of the finer details, or else your project could fail altogether! Today, we will talk about a recent project that exemplifies the minimalist design that many clients are looking for.

Balustrading designs are as diverse as buildings themselves. What is a balustrade? In essence, it is a means of defining space. Balustrades on balconies and staircases create physical boundaries between areas, and terraces provide visual separation from landscape elements below. When properly designed, they also help to control crowd movement and reduce accidents within these zones. As with any design project, we start by examining function; we analyse movement patterns during congestion (rush hour) and non-congestion (off-peak times). We then consider visibility requirements: where do people need to be able to see to feel safe? And finally, we look at aesthetics; how does your building/structure want to present itself in terms of materials, colouration or style.

We have over 20 years of experience installing commercial balustrades. From first contact, our job is to ensure your project runs smoothly. Our project managers will go through every installation stage, ensuring it’s done correctly, on time and budget. Our team are all highly experienced professionals who take pride in their work. 

Designed by Studio Pacific Architecture and built by the main contractor LT McGuiness. 30, Madden is a contemporary apartment living right in the heart of the Wynyard Quarter. The architects challenged our team to provide a balustrade solution for the level 2 and 3 podium areas. Our Alliance product range is the perfect solution for making that connection. a minimalist design aesthetic and maximum cost-effectiveness solution make this the preferred choice for many NZ buildings.

Do you want to know more about our services and products? or you are looking for a company that provides expert services tailored to your commercial needs? Please call us today!

Architect: Studio Pacific Architecture

Contractor: LT McGuiness

Completion: 2020

Project Type: Apartments